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Eric Brittnacher

Hello, I am so glad you are sharing your time to learn about me.  My name is Eric, and I want to share my passion and talents with you.


I always wanted to own a small production company.  So after talking about it for a while, my wife encouraged me to stop talking about it and give it a shot!  So I started Entertainment Engines LLC in 2018 to provide event production services and audio/video consultation and installation.  It has been absolutely thrilling!  


I have been working in audio/visual and live entertainment technology since 2008, but have been tinkering with audio and video gear for as long as I can remember... I had my first 5.1 home theater system at age 13!  Remember Y2K?


I hold an Associate Degree in Show Production and Touring from Full Sail University, and currently finishing my Bachelor's Degree at UW-Stevens Point in Arts Management.  I have been the Facility Manager and Technical Director at the Performing Arts Center of Wisconsin Rapids since 2013. 


I'm extremely grateful to be able to educate students who may be interested in sound, lights, or video careers.  Entertainment is an exciting field that is extremely challenging and rewarding.  I've had the privilege of working with so many amazing people in my career so far.  I would be honored to work with you.

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